The Icon Cycling Water Bottle

The new JetBlack Icon water bottle is not just an ordinary bottle… designed to give you more fluid with less effort, it smashes every performance benchmark.

Hydration taken seriously.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, fluid intake during exercise is essential.

At peak performance our bodies consume large amounts of water and losing fluid can seriously decrease your performance.

That’s why at JetBlack WE TAKE HYDRATION SERIOUSLY. The new JetBlack Icon water bottle is not just an ordinary bottle… it smashes every performance benchmark.

Best in class, self-sealing, spill proof nozzle

Hydration has never been this easy with our best in class self-sealing, spill proof nozzle.

When riding there’s no need for removing your second hand off your handlebars to open awkward twist top bottles, the new JetBlack Iconfast flow nozzle is an easy pull and push to open and close.

Fast, Easy
flow Valve

The fast flow valve facilitates optimal fluid flow to match the intensity of your workout.

Optimized to get more fluid with less effort

The purposefully considered ‘squeezibility’ of the Icon bottle is designed for performance, and optimized to get more fluid with less effort.

Textured surface for superior grip

When you’re committed to excellence, it’s the details that count.

The JetBlack Icon water bottle has been designed with a textured surface around the neck for superior grip, assisting you to hold the Icon bottle securely on demanding rides.

Tapered bottle for easy cage entry and exit

An integral part of the new design is the shape of the bottle.

One of our favorite new features of the Icon water bottle is the tapered bottom for easy bottle cage entry and exit, perfect for when riding in the bunch.

Optimal Cage fit

We have engineered the Icon bottle’s recess lip with a high degree of tolerance to securely fit most bottle cages. 

Even on the bumpiest roads your Icon bottle will stick.

Dust cap to eliminate unwanted dust and dirt in your water

Odor resistant and BPA free

The Icon water bottle is odor resistant and BPA free.

Taste the difference.

Multiple Size Options

The JetBlack Icon water bottle comes as standard or insulated, in two sizes and multiple colour options.

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